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Erasmusronde 2018

On Saturday the 3rd of November was the annual Erasmusronde! After a period of preparations, it was finally time for the race! It was an early morning for the committee members, but with the help of other Roadrunners, the parcours was ready in no time. More than 400 people had subscribed for the Erasmusronde already and 85 more subscribed on the day itself, which resulted in 490 participants in total! Of all those participants, 18 Roadrunners ran the race as well. Everyone did a very good job, some ran a new personal best, others even got in the top 3, well done everyone! We hope that everyone enjoyed the race and we want to thanks all the volunteers for their help!

You can check the results here! Photo's will be published on the Erasmusronde Facebook page and website!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en buiten

Veluweloop 2018

This year we participated in the 37th Veluweloop. After an early collection (read 7 am) we were allowed to start at 9 am on the campus of the University of Wageningen.
A total of 88 teams participated in this race. With our team we ended as 36th. A great achievement on this hot day in October!
All runners thank you very much for participating and making this a great day! 




The first race of the month was the HerinnerRUN. We were present with a group of 9 Roadrunners/donateurs.

Gabby and Irene ran the 5 km, Gabby was the second woman on this distance and Irene was the fifth woman who crossed the finish line.

The Roadrunners won prizes in the category 10 kilometers as well.

Marijn was the winner, Bob became second and Pascal third. So the whole stage was therefore full of Roadrunners.

Emma was the second woman and Maria became third in the category 10 kilometers.

Manon and Sophie were present for mental support

The next race of the month is the Bergse plasloop on the 14th of October, are you there to represent the Roadrunners?

Click here for photos, and click here for the results


Board 2018/2019

As the new board of the EUR-Roadrunners, we didn't had the chance to officially introduce ourselves. So hereby we present you the new board!

The new chairman of this year is Sophie van Streun. She's has been a member for two years now and she's the only truly new boardmember this year.

Manon Witkamp will fulfill the function as vice-chairman/race secretary this year, just like last year. She has enough experience from last year, to make it a successful year again!

Irene van Beelen will interfere with with the financial affairs within the association and will ensure that the association occasionally gives a round on drinks. As you might have guessed, Irene will be the treasurer this year! Just like Manon, she already has some boardexperience from 2 years ago, when she was race secretary.

Esther Pieters, as secretary, will be having contact with the old and new members. You'll be receiving mails on regularly basis from her, so be prepared! She has done the job before, so she has plenty of experience!

Besides the board, there are also a number of committees within the organization where we are looking new members for, namely the eventscommittee, lustrum committee, trip committee, audit committee, Courier committee and Batavierenrace committee. Would you like to become an active member within the association? Feel free to ask more information about the committees via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PAC Ekiden 2018

ekiden-2018-258On July 4, it was time for the annual PAC Ekiden again. Just like last years, the EUR-Roadrunners participated , this year with two teams! It was a very hot day, so after we found our ‘chillspot’ in the shade, it was time to get started! An Ekiden is a relay in which you run a marathon in teams of six persons. Both mix-teams did the best they could, Team 1 became 40th and Team 2 146st, good job everyone! After the race, it was time to relax in the sun, enjoying some beers and other drinks. When everyone started to feel a bit hungry, it was time to head to the Wandelaar and enjoy a delicious dinner! Leo cooked us a nice home-made meal, with of course Nasi Goreng and other delicious and fresh food! It was very nice way to end the season, hopefully everyone enjoyed it!

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