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Erasmusronde dinner

Saturday the 5th of November, we organize the Erasmusronde. A lot of you subscribed already (if not, don't forget to do it!) or signed up to be a volunteer, which is really nice! We hope to see many of you at PAC that day.
After the Erasmusronde we would like to have a dinner with the member and donors. Our plan is to order some pizza's and have a nice evening together. We want to know if you would like to join, so we'll know how many of you will be coming! For 10 euros per person we'll have a dinner with some drinks!

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Volunteers for the Erasmusronde

At the 5th of November, we (EUR-Roadrunners) organize the Erasmusronde, a race with 5, 10 and 15K distances. It would be great if a lot of you will participate! To organize this race, we also need volunteers! It would be nice is 15-20 Roadrunners would like to volunteer! When you're volunteering, it's also possible to run one of the distances. The job of a volunteer contains setting up the race-parcours in the morning, or to arrange the place after the Erasmusronde is finished. When you don't want to participate to the Erasmusronde, but you do want to volunteer, then you can regulate the traffic during the race. For this you have to pass a small traffic regulation test first. You will get a free lunch as a volunteer and after the race we have a dinner! So if you want to volunteer (in the morning, during the race of after the race) you can send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 We hope everyone will participate to the Erasmusronde and some of you want to help us, by volunteering!

Roadrunners-Erasmusronde 2016-3-01

New Board

bestuur 16/17

During the GMA on 31 may the board of the year 2016/2017 was installed. From now on (from left to right) Irene van Beelen will be our new vice-president, Roos Peerdeman will be our new secretary, Jasper Bonsma will be the new president and Ahmed Mustafa will take over the role of treasurer!

We wish you lots of luck and have faith in you!

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