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Board 2018/2019

As the new board of the EUR-Roadrunners, we didn't had the chance to officially introduce ourselves. So hereby we present you the new board!

The new chairman of this year is Sophie van Streun. She's has been a member for two years now and she's the only truly new boardmember this year.

Manon Witkamp will fulfill the function as vice-chairman/race secretary this year, just like last year. She has enough experience from last year, to make it a successful year again!

Irene van Beelen will interfere with with the financial affairs within the association and will ensure that the association occasionally gives a round on drinks. As you might have guessed, Irene will be the treasurer this year! Just like Manon, she already has some boardexperience from 2 years ago, when she was race secretary.

Esther Pieters, as secretary, will be having contact with the old and new members. You'll be receiving mails on regularly basis from her, so be prepared! She has done the job before, so she has plenty of experience!

Besides the board, there are also a number of committees within the organization where we are looking new members for, namely the eventscommittee, lustrum committee, trip committee, audit committee, Courier committee and Batavierenrace committee. Would you like to become an active member within the association? Feel free to ask more information about the committees via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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