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Erasmusronde 2018

On Saturday the 3rd of November was the annual Erasmusronde! After a period of preparations, it was finally time for the race! It was an early morning for the committee members, but with the help of other Roadrunners, the parcours was ready in no time. More than 400 people had subscribed for the Erasmusronde already and 85 more subscribed on the day itself, which resulted in 490 participants in total! Of all those participants, 18 Roadrunners ran the race as well. Everyone did a very good job, some ran a new personal best, others even got in the top 3, well done everyone! We hope that everyone enjoyed the race and we want to thanks all the volunteers for their help!

You can check the results here! Photo's will be published on the Erasmusronde Facebook page and website!

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