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Trail Weekend Olne "Le Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles"
Saturday, 11. January 2020
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One of the big openers of the roadrunner's new year is the Trail Weekend to the famous 'Le Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles' in Olne, Belgium. The weekend of Olne exists out of some elements of which the race of course is the most important. The race, le trèfle à quatre feuilles (of clover leaf race in English), is a trail race which mostly goes off the paved tracks, over steep climbs, descents through meadows, rocky paths and a lot of single tracks! Don't expect an ordinary race like you do most of the times, but experience the forces of nature and enjoy the magnificent landscape of the Belgian hills.

The race covers four different laps and depending on your own wishes you can chose to do 12, 23, 33 or even 42 km. After each lap you can determine whether you'd like to continue or not as the race goes through the starting point again. At this point there is also a small recovery post with food, drinks and more. 

As the race is held on Sunday and it is not so close by, we offer you the possibility to sleep near the start. Almost everybody will do so, and it will only cost ~15 euros including a decent breakfast! We will again stay in Le Château de Wegimont, a scenic old castle.

The group thus leaves on Saturday and it has been a tradition to start the weekend with a short hike near Olne. The location of the hike is yet to be determined but will for sure offer some views which are rarely ever seen in the Netherlands! Also, they'll be an option to lunch before the hike on Saturday and we might stop by some cool Belgium pub!

Another tradition in this weekend is of course a common dinner at the pizzeria of 'La Plume' close to the castle where we will sleep. Probably the only location to find any food around and well known for its quirky christmassy interior, La Plume is the place to be to have your supper! Bring out some cash money to pay and your dictionary as French will be the only language understood! Bring some drinks and snacks from home if you'd like to have some at the castle. There is no shop around.

So, a short overview of the weekend:

  • We leave Rotterdam and head southwards at 10am
  • We will have a lunch and then go for a short hike
  • Heading for the castle (hostel), dropping our bags and might have a drink
  • Have dinner (pizza) at La Plume, head back to the castle and might have another drink
  • Race on Sunday, depending on level and mood you can do 12, 23, 33 or 42 km (you can even take a walk when it's too far for you or you recently got injured!)

The costs for organising the weekend will be aprox. 30 euros for transport (according to the Système Olnoise*), overnight and breakfast. Any leftover money will be refunded upon request.

You will have to pay for your own lunch, dinner, food&snacks and the race yourself! Including the dinner and lunch, the total estimated costs will be around 70-80 euros.

 *The drives will note their costs of fuel after the weekend. The total fuel costs will be calculaded and divided exqually between all participants. Lease drivers only are excluded for paying travel costs when they take people with them (they wouldn't have had any costs in any circumstance) All drivers will receive their fuel costs within 7 days after the event. As a driver there is no need to ask any money from your passengers. 



Wanna join? Of course! Please fill in the inscription form 

Your registration is definitive only after paying the event's fee of 30 euros. Cancellation policy: 100% refund when cancelling until 21 days before the event, 50% refund when cancelling until 48 hours before the event. Replacing your registration to someone else is always free. Registration is possible until 21 days before the event. The maximum number of spots available is 45 


IMPORTANT: We cannot subscribe as a group into the race itself. Everyone should do this by themselves. This is possible at the race's website: 

  • Click on 'Inscription' on the first page,
  • Then proceed by filling in your personal details and click on 'Commande' afterwards 
  • Transfer the money to the bank account stated on the confirmation page. Use the reference number (numéro de commande) in the discription

Need help? Please let me know!