For many years, this run is being organized by the EUR Roadrunners, the students running team of Rotterdam, in cooperation with Erasmus Sport. We have a certified 10K run through the beautiful forest of Kralingen. You can also choose to run a 5K or a 15K.

Date: Saturday November 4th of 2017

Location: PAC running track, Langepad 16 in Rotterdam

Distances: 5, 10 or 15K


  • The 5K run is one round around the lake of Kralingen and will start at 12:40.
  • The 10K run is a very nice round through the forest of Kralingen. This run is measured exactly and certified by the Dutch Athletics Union in 2015. This run will start at 14:30. 
  • The 15K run is both the 5K run and the 10K run together and will start at 12:30.


It is possible to register. All runs will cost € 8,50,-. Are you a student? Then you only have to pay € 6,-. Your running number won’t be send to your address, but you can pick this up from 11.00 at the club building of PAC (Langepad 16) on the day of the Erasmusronde. It is also possible to register on the day of the race at PAC. 

Registration is possible via this link:


EUR-Roadrunners has the honour to organise the NSK Weg this year. This race will be part of the Erasmusronde on the 10 kilometer! Registration for the NSK Weg is the same as for normal registrations through the link above. There will also be a separate price ceremony for the NSK Weg.


For all distances, there are 3 prizes for men and for women. The Erasmusronde is a recreational run, therefore we do not have different classifications per age group. The first 3 men and women on the 5K run will get their prize at around 13:15. For 10K runners, this will be at 16:00 and for 15K runners at 14:35 (directly after the start of the 10K run).

General information

There is enough parking space near the lake of Kralingen and by the running track of PAC. Our volunteers will lead you to your parking space. Though you can come by car, we advise you to come by bike or tram/metro. You can change clothes and take a shower at the club building of PAC. There is electronic time registration via MyLaps eventkit.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.