Erasmusronde 2021

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The Erasmusronde 2021 will take place on November 13th 2021 and it will be organized by the EUR-Roadrunners and Erasmus Sport. The current measures against COVID-19 allow us to host the race as an offline event. If this will not be the case in the future anymore, we will update you about this as soon as possible

Registration is almost open! Keep an eye out for the registration link, it will be posted on this page when registrations are open! Keep in mind that there will only be online registration, so no registration on the day itself.

Any questions can be asked to

Results of the online Erasmusronde in March

In March 2021, a virtual Erasmusronde was organized by the EUR-Roadrunners and Erasmus Sport! With the help of everyone who participated, we successfully raised a grand total of €2518, which will be donated to 113 suicide prevention!

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